Jon Seyster is a young man who lives in Simi Valley, California. Early in life he had the desire to express himself using written words. At age 10, Jon started writing stories and verses and readers found his writings insightful and comforting.

After 9/11 Jon, a junior in high school, chose to create a patriotic ribbon and sold them throughout the community. He donated the proceeds of $3300 to the New York City fire, police and rescue departments to show his appreciation for their commitment and sacrifices.

After graduation from Santa Susanna Technological High School in Simi Valley, Jon enrolled at Moorpark College, where he earned two degrees with honors in computer graphics and photography.

Inspired by our military and their dedication, Jon visited the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC and talked with over 35 soldiers. He offered a card with a verse he wrote called “Helping Others©”, thanking them for their service and sacrifices. To see this card and read about Jon’s visit to Walter Reed“I Saw the Price of Freedom.”

His gratitude towards those who help us through difficult times seems never-ending and after graduating from college, he began to participate in the Ride 2 Recovery  rehabilitation program for soldiers returning home from war.  This cycling program is designed to take our injured veterans on week-long challenge rides as a form of therapy on wheels. Non military and active duty members ride on the challenges in an effort to raise funds for the purchase of cycling training equipment that is used at VA facilities nationwide and building of special bicycles to adapt to their injuries. Initially Jon endured these challenges while riding his 75 pound, 7 speed therapy bike, which proved to be extremely difficult.  After 1700 miles on this tricycle, it was time for a change and with a generous donation from United Healthcare, Ride 2 Recovery designed and built a new bike naming it the Coeur d’ Or (Heart of Gold) for Jon that weighs half as much and has nearly three times as many gears as his previous bike.

His book, Jon’s Peaceful Thoughts™, combines graphics and photography, with his verses expressing a love for life, and a devotion to God. It is his desire to inspire others who have physical and mental difficulties and challenges to overcome. He believes that God has a plan for everyone, and that through hard work, determination and faith in themselves and God one can achieve their highest potential.

Even though Jon has accomplished much of what he has set out to do, getting there hasn’t been easy. He was born three months premature and weighed only 2 pounds. As a result, he developed cerebral palsy and soon after severe hearing loss.

Nonetheless, he has not only persevered but grown over the years to know what he’s truly grateful for and learned to show appreciation for those in and around his life.

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